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Outdoor Unit (ODU) for Fiber Optic Interfacility Links | G5000 Series

Outdoor RF/Fiber Solutions - Foxcom

The Foxcom G5000 series Outdoor Unit (ODU) is an advanced modular outdoor enclosure system providing weatherproof protection for any combination of Foxcom Fiber Optic Interfacility Links. Foxcom’s ODU solution eliminates the need for environment-controlled shelters and allows for seamless transmission of multiple RF and Data signals between the antenna and indoor control room.

The G5000 series ODU can accommodate up to six (6) hot swappable, field upgradable optical modules. A variety of passive optical and RF components can be integrated into the enclosure. Other features include 1:1 redundancy, variable auto/manual gain control, 13/18V Switchable LNB powering, SNMP based monitor and control and LED indicators of power supply status. The ODU is available with single or dual power supplies. 

The G5000 series ODU has many applications:

  • Satellite Ground Stations
  • Cable Headends
  • Broadcast Facility
  • Redundant Antenna Farms
  • VSAT Hubs
Custom Data Sheet
  • Holds up to 6 Optical Modules
  • Hot swappable, Field upgradable modules
  • IP 65 Rated Environmental Protection
  • Full Remote M&C via Ethernet
  • Variable Gain Control (manual/auto)
  • Single/Multi Channel, Up or Downlink Operation
  • Dual Power Supply
  • DC powering
  • 1:1 Redundancy
  • Switchable LNB Powering
  • Optical Multiplexing
  • 10MHz Reference Signal