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Chassis Kit, Gold Series

The Foxcom G5000 series Outdoor Unit (ODU) is an advanced modular outdoor enclosure system providing weatherproof protection for any combination of Foxcom Fiber Optic Interfacility Links. Foxcom’s latest ODU solution eliminates the need for environment-controlled shelters and allows for seamless transmission of multiple RF and Data signals between the antenna and indoor control room.

The Foxcom 7190M Chassis is a standard 19” 1RU enclosure designed to be installed in equipment racks where only limited rack space is available. The 7190M chassis can be populated with any combination of , up-to four, Sat-Light/Sat-Light Gold transmitters /receivers along with a variety of passive optical and RF components to provide a totally customized solution.

Foxcom provides both chassis and standalone power supplies to be used with its Satcom fiber optic Interfacility Links (IFL). The chassis supports 8 cards, incorporating "hot swap" capabilities. The 7180M chassis uses the 7001P switching supply.