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Accessories, Gold Series

Foxcom’s Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Gigabit Interface Converter is a hot-swappable input/output device plugs into a Gigabit Ethernet port or slot.
The SFP device supports up to 1 GB of data rate and is available with CWDM/DWDM wavelengths in single/dual fiber configuration.
The SFP is available in 20, 40, 60 and 120Km fiber versions.

Foxcom’s Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexer (DWDM) can combine up to 80 fiber outputs from Foxcom’s fiber optic transmitters into one single fiber. Each transmission is on a different optical wavelength. DWDM technology uses ITU standard 1.6nm spacing between wavelengths. Each wavelength is transmitted on a separate single mode fiber optic cable and then multiplexed onto a single fiber.

The Foxcom Model 2040-CXU Switch is a 1:1 redundancy switch used with Foxcom’s Sat-Light's Interfacility Link products. The 2040-CXU Switch utilizes internal switching logic which can be configured to detect and switch on optical or RF fault conditions.

Foxcom’s Model 7050 is a complete duplex fiberoptic link for data transmission. The Model 7050 Fiberoptic Data Transceiver provides the capability to Monitor and Control (M&C) on-site communication equipment such as testing and measuring equipment, redundancy switches, antenna pedestals, broadcast equipment, etc.

Foxcom’s 10/100 Base Ethernet Module brings fast Ethernet capability to the Foxcom Sat-Light systems. Using only one single-mode optical fiber, the unit transmits either 10Base or 100Base data over distances up to 20 kilometers. Model 2020A transmits at 1310 nm, while Model 2021A transmits at the 1550 nm window.

Foxcom’s Coarse Wavelength-Division Multiplexer (CWDM) can combine up to 8 fiber outputs from Foxcom fiber optic transmitters into one single fiber. Each transmitter transmits on a different optical wavelength. CWDM technology uses ITU standard 20 nm spacing between the wavelengths, from 1470 nm to 1610 nm.

The Model 2100 is 75-Ohm 30 dB amplifier with a high first order intercept point and a high power output at the 1 dB compression point. The Model 2100 covers the Sat-Light RF frequency range from 10 - 2400 MHz.

The Model 2040 provides 1:1 redundant switching for Sat-Light TM Interfacility Link products, including the IF and L-Band product lines. The Model 2040 supercedes the Model 2000 Switch and is backward compatible, integrating into existing systems. The Model 2040's many features allow the operator to configure the product to meet demanding system requirements.