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Satcom Products

Foxcom’s RF over Fiber (RFoF) Links are used to transport down-converted IF signals from a satellite signal feed. Our RF Optic solutions are capable of transporting signals ranging from DC-18GHz catering to a wide range of applications over long distances. Typically, RFoF links receive the down-converted satellite signals from a remote Antenna.

RF over fiber (or Radio over Fiber) refers to a technology whereby light is modulated by a radio frequency signal and transmitted over a fiber optic cable. Optical fiber operates by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fiber, rather than electrical signals over copper. The main technical advantages of using fiber optical links are lower transmission losses, immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference, flexibility and ease of installation.

Foxcom’s Flagship Platinum product line is designed to meet the increasing requirements for modularity and high-performance in a small form factor for superior long-distance transmission. Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the sub-rack chassis maintaining the highest quality subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize performance at all times. Foxcom’s high dynamic range DFB laser delivers exceptional signal quality for the most demanding of applications.

  • IF, 10MHz Ref, L-Band and Wideband (10-3000MHz)
  • Full local control via LCD
  • Fully SNMP managed platform
  • DigiRF - Keypad module control
  • iMizer - Automated IMD Settings
  • Embedded RF and Optical power meter
  • Chassis supporting 12 modules
  • IF, 10MHz Ref, L-Band, Wideband, C, X and Ku Band  (10-2200MHz)
  • High dynamic range lasers
  • Selectable LNB powering
  • Test ports, status and fault LEDs
  • Adjustable AGC/MGC
  • Compatible with all 1st Generation Sat-Light Links
  • 10MHz Reference signal, PPS and GPS distribution over a single fiber
  • Phase free reference signal & PPS with no jitter
  • GPS Guided Internal Oscillator in receivers
  • Electromagnetically isolated
  • Up to 2Km of fiber
  • DC-30MHz frequency range
  • Single or Multi Fiber Cable Connectivity
  • Optimized for VSAT HUBs and Terminals
  • Ultra-Low RF loss and lightweight
  • Protection against lightning damage/ EMI & RFI
  • IP65 rated outdoor enclosure
  • 10MHz Reference Signal Support
  • Single or Multi Fiber Cable Connectivity
  • Optimized for VSAT and TVRO Maritime Communicationss
  • Ultra-Low RF loss
  • Protection against lightning damage/ EMI & RFI
  • 10MHz Reference Signal Support
  • IP 67 Rated Outdoor Enclosure
  • Complete RF over Fiber analog link for OEM integration
  • Small 105x50x15mm
  • Wide input frequency range
  • Adjustable laser drive and RF power output
  • Alarm outputs
  • Compatible with all Foxcom products
  • Splitters
  • Combiners
  • Frequency converters
  • Passive and active applications
  • Frequencies from 50MHz - 2150MHz