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VHF/UHF Military Radio Links Tactical System

VHF/UHF Radio Extension System
Foxcom’s Tactical Ruggedized Radio and Antenna units enable easy field deployment of remote radio transmission. 
By utilizing RFoF Antenna Extender technology, this option provides extended radio coverage by placing the antenna on a high platform. The Tactical option enables an unimpeded, clean line of communication while positioning the operator at a lower, stationary, safe location.
In addition the unit acts as a repeater by receiving weak signals and re-transmitting them locally.
Consequently, the Tactical option provides an efficient use of the available radio frequency spectrum.
For more detailed information, visit our military website.
  • Multiple band support
  • High performance filtering
  • Zero transmission loss processing mechanism
  • Dust-proof mechanism
  • One platform can support multiple radio bands
  • Clean signal transmission over the air
  • Intuitive use of equipment for all personnel in outdoor environments
  • Enables the use of closer transmitter/receiver bands and optimizes radio spectrum usage
  • Easy upgrade support for non-standard military radio transmission modes
  • Offers savings on costs and logistics
  • Hardware savings due to infrequently required upgrades
  • Reduced maintenance; less prone to optical issues