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VHF/UHF Military Radio Links Aerostat System

RFoF Antenna Extender

Foxcom’s Tactical Ground Radio unit connects to a lightweight IP-rated antenna unit and is optimized for Aerostat communication balloons.

This option provides large area coverage while using low power transmissions.

In addition, the unit acts as a repeater by receiving weak signals and re-transmitting them locally by utilizing RFoF Antenna Extender technology.

Consequently, the Aerostat option provides an efficient use of the available radio frequency spectrum.

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  • Multiple band support
  • High performance filtering
  • Zero transmission loss processing mechanism
  • Dust-proof mechanism
  • One platform can support multiple radio bands
  • Clean signal transmission over the air
  • Easy upgrade support for non-standard military radio transmission modes
  • Intuitive use of equipment for all personnel in outdoor environments
  • Offers savings on costs and logistics
  • Enables the use of closer transmitter/receiver bands and optimizes radio spectrum usage
  • Hardware savings due to infrequently required upgrades
  • Reduced maintenance; less prone to optical issues