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Satellite TV Distribution

Full Case Study

Challenge: Garden style complex comprised of 48 buildings required an upgrade of their DirecTV system to accommodate state-of the-art programming improvements. Each building was unique in terms of its access points with both inside and outside communication closets and underground pedestals.


  • Upgrade to the basic BsmarTV system, which consisted of 5-channel fiber-optic transmitters and receivers.
  • Fished a single strand of fiber through the conduits of the existing fiber optic infrastructure without the additional costs of new building conduits and trenching.
  • A small ONT was used, enabling the BsmarTV solution to fit in the existing boxes without the need for additional components.
  • In some instances, the customer was even able to split the output of the receiver between two buildings, which saved both time and money on the installation.
  • By installing a fiber solution, the property is ensured almost unlimited bandwidth for future requirements.