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Satellite Communication

Full Case Study

Challenge: To provide multi-channel, single fiber, RF-linkage to a remotely located diversity site.

Ability to mirror all analog TX and RX satellite RF signals from the customer’s main Teleport site in Hortolandia to a remote diversity backup site in Jaguariuna.


Solution: Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) Platinum series was deployed to transfer satellite signals to a mirrored teleport site in Hortolandia:

Final Result: This installation was successful.

By the press of a button all satellite signals were transferred to the mirror site in Jaguariuna and then they were transmitted to the satellite. RF optic performances were excellent.
Data linkage to the mid-point amplifier sites’ and remote mirror site as well as the automated fiber redundancy was also verified, by disconnecting one of the fibers. All five satellite traffic services were switched to the backup fiber.

  • Total optical loss for the two fibers used between the sites was approximately 30dB, which is equivalent to a distance of 120Km.
  • Capability to transmit and receive toward five satellites at present with a 20 satellite growth potential in the future.
  • High speed data linkage between the two sites via the same fibers.
  • Capability for each of the two fibers used to carry both TX and RX for all the satellites.
  • Auto switching from one fiber to the other when one fiber is down.
    • To handle the problem of only two fibers with the requirement of future expansion, a 40 Channel DWDM system was used. Foxcom optical transmitters were equipped with high power DWDM lasers to support high fiber loss.
    • To increase RF noise performances, two bi-directional EDFA light amplifiers were installed at mid-points. Foxcom’s EDFA units are optimized for DWDM signals and enable SNMP control from the main teleport site over fiber.