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Iridium Repeaters

Full Case Study

Challenge:  To provide satellite phone line channels for a utility company that wanted a backup phone system.

Solution:  Foxcom’s RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) Iridium link system was installed to provide a signal for a fixed Iridium station. The Iridium lines were connected to the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switchboard, which enabled any user to punch a code and access a secure satellite phone line.

The Iridium system connects to three phone devices and supports three simultaneous voicecalls.

  • The Iridium solution provides mobile satellite connectivity in any indoor location, such as a control room, an operations room or a military bunker. Users can maintain access to the world at all times even during an emergency
  • Iridium Repeaters wirelessly retransmits satellite phone signals over the air and provides seamless coverage in closed rooms as well as a aircraft hangars.