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Foxcom will be taking part in the Milcom event in Baltimore, MD, 23-25 October 2017.

This international conference enables members of the military sphere "the opportunity to hear and understand the requirements, pace of change and state of play in a variety of markets serving the military" and offers an opportunity for Foxcom to display its latest, innovative VHF / UHF over fiber solutions and applications. Be sure to visit us at our booth: 1119.

Foxcom Supports All Fiber Span Products

Following the announced bankruptcy of Fiber Span, Foxcom would like to assure customers around the globe that Foxcom fiber products will seamlessly replace the Fiber Span product line. End users looking for support can now turn to Foxcom for a compatible and affordable solution regardless of application, specification or location. 

The table below shows the Fiber Span products that have been replaced by Foxcom products. If any other Fiber Span products require maintenance or replacement, contact at Foxcom for assistance. June 2017


Foxcom to provide the world’s first Iridium/GPS Repeater Solution for Aircraft Hangars

Foxcom is pleased to announce the company’s first sale of its Iridium/GPS Repeater Hangar Solution to a leading international airline. By providing Iridium/GPS signals within the hangar, there is no longer a need to move the aircraft in and out of the hangar, which means that testing of avionics can be done at any time and in any climate.

May 2017